March [forward]

And so when March starts, and its leaves pave the path of a long waited memory…You become part of every word, every thought, and every page. And there, you are alive in the silence of my scream.

I am living each day, as you advised me, and so are you, through my words.

Each one is for you dad.

3 thoughts on “March [forward]

  1. Memory all alone in the moonlight, i can smile at the old days it was beautiful then, i remember the time when i knew what happiness was, let the memory live again.
    Daylight, i must wait for the sunrise i must think of a new life and i must’nt give in when the dawn comes tonight will be a memory too and the new day will begin.


  2. Our beloved ones never dies, we reflect their image to the world especially when facing crucial decisions.
    Nice articles and website Marita, keep on the excellent work.


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