Firmato, Con Amore*

I’ve watched life crumble at the feet of the unwillingness to die
The sunset burnt with flames of rage and hope.
Such a lingering hope of a deep cutting breeze
With prayers to live, grow, and give.
The existence of a foolish mind, in a tomorrow yet to appear
As moments happen at sunset’s break
And my heart turns drum rolls at this time and day.
A stream of memories unleashed within,
A path to guide frenzied feelings, to an endless abyss.
The 13th is memory, the 13th is prayers, the 13th is love.
The 13th is missing, the 13th is living, the 13th is loving.
The 13th is dad…
The 13th is my chance to remember that you are forever mine.
Thus, as time passes, the 13th is no longer isolated, it is shared.
It shared with love, passion, and life…
It is shared with the yearning of a fairytaled tomorrow.
With the security and love of a daily embrace,
That I’m granted with an emotion that has conquered all doubts and “what ifs.”
There, in that specific moment…I live again
And I remember you with an unfathomed smile;
For you have left with love,
And it is through love that I bring you back.

*Signed, With Love

6 thoughts on “Firmato, Con Amore*

  1. lol okay so this is just how stupid I am, halfway through reading through your post I dropped my mouse and closed the window by mistake and I couldn’t find your webpage again right up until 4 days afterwards to finish reading through from the spot i had left off because I forgot how I linked to your site in the first place haha anyway it was worth the wait..thanks 🙂


    1. If you want to copy it, make sure to write my name at the end and add the link next to it so that people can refer to the main source (the material is copywritten).


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