Empty plane, vacant seats…burdened mind, bursting heart.
I celebrated the 7th at a height of thousands of feet
Flying over countries & distances.
Being high up in the skies; I thought I would be closer.
Thoughts of a genuine youngster, clinging to her tribute to you;
Too romantic to lose passion, too hopeful to let go,
Too inspired to vanish through life.
I captured sceneries & sent it to you.
I muttered words of wisdom & dedicated it to you.
You are far gone in the heavens above,
But so around me in the minutes below.
I chose the gift, wrapped it, & sent it to you…
“Happy Birthday Dad, I love you,” I am quite sure you will smile
& unnoticeably utter words of “I love you too.”
In the dancing memories of our days,
Through the tears of joy & love.
I remember you on this day & always.
A glace of champagne in my hand, another in yours…
A tap on your back, another on mine…

Cheers to you dad….
May you blossom forever more through the sunrise of every morning,
May you live through the hearts of those I love the most,
& May you stand beside me, through my every minute of my every day.

I celebrated the 7th, now I celebrate the 13th at the sigh of a loving memory.
I do not cry, you are not dead,
I just cry because I am missing you.
Cheers Dad.

4 thoughts on “‘Celebrate’

  1. i was waiting for a poem a letter but not as strong hayete inte you made me cry too .. i miss you god bless you and his soul……kisses my little cousine


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