Writing Outloud

Inspirations are mostly found in the audacity of undressing a word, a thought, a feeling, a kiss, a smile, a something that makes your mind drift away to an unforeseen place, unknown to others yet sought from all. A something that makes your heart oscillate between great, perfect, and amazing.  Stripped naked to the deepest fears, loves, pains, and joys…the most beautiful inspirations are engraved, not written, when you either hit rock bottom or fly up high. What is in between is neutral, lifeless, motionless, and uninspiring. So now, when I think over the words, letters, and chapters that my life is dropping on the choices that I’ve taken, I smile… for I’m constantly inspired, on my own rollercoaster. My neutrality is a random visiting sleeping water, a series of exclamation and question marks, dots and commas and dashes…symbols! My inspiration is you, my every tear, my every joy, my loved one, my days, my yesterdays, my tomorrows; all real, all endless inspirations that start with an open mind of arbitrary conditions and ends with a close embrace of conscious uplifting emotions. This is inspiration, this is love, this is writing: a plane white paper with a few drops of ink…just me.

3 thoughts on “Writing Outloud

  1. Jose Saramago once said: “Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are”

    and you just gave it a name 😉 Beautiful…


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