last night’s unkind night,
May you break onto dazzling waves
& know tranquility & light to which
Thy restless fears turn into enchanting hopes.

Yesterday’s suffocating thought,
May you find an end to thy vicious circle;
Such end that propels you to face the sunlight hours.

Last hour’s restless heartbeats,
May you find peace in others’ words,
& relieving sighs in others’ embraces.

Breaks of dawn,
May you bring along those rays of light,
The savor of sweetness & forgetfulness,
For it is the bitter taste of losing what we held dear
That haunts the night, suffocates its sleep and races with memories;
Which turns the softest nights and whispers,
Into battlefield of untamed thoughts & unchained yesterdays.

Sincerely Yours,

2 thoughts on “Dedication[s]

  1. Heyy 🙂 Is it ok if I go sort of off subject? I’m trying to look at the website on my new iPad although it won’t display properly (some of the areas are half missing), do you have any solutions? Shall I try and find an upgrade for my system or something? Thanks! Cody x 🙂


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