C […]

I counted the stars above and aimed for the drops below…
Trivial missions with a “make it happen” logo
For if I succeeded there, I would succeed everywhere.
The type of everywhere that gives me you,
That brings far gone people from memories into reality.
Loss has a bitter aftertaste… swings you from an asphyxiating “why”
To a tormenting “but”…

Thousands of thoughts lost in an attempt to understand
Millions of plans to disguise: but such is today & as such is now.
Those lost by choice will fragment with time,
Those lost by fate will be everlasting, everywhere.
With a Rose in my left, and a pen in my right:
Cheers to those who dropped out,
To those taken away and to the so many days to come.

I carry you in my pen, on every page…
Life through my words; oxygen through my thoughts.
Never goodbyes, never farewells, never adieus…
Good morning, Hey, see you later…
A toast to life, a toast to dad.
Happy Birthday C!

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