As self-destructive as it can be;
[Feel free to use as many opposite words to the inner boosting motivation]

As farfetched & reckless as it may sound;
[Even my own thoughts are echoing outloud]

As careless & daydreamy as it might look;
[I have lived in a fantasy tomorrow, the hardships seemed livable]…

No matter how many thoughts I put in dwelling on the complexities of “it’s impossible, it cannot happen, it’s not meant to be, it’s not right [add negative expressions]” it all goes back to one heartbeat & to a split of a second. Where, in that instant, everything fades away, all vanishes, and what is left is a single breath that says it all. A single breath, long enough, to make you realize that it’s all about that one beat, that one moment, that one idea…beautifully motionless & silently captivating. It makes you realize; it is that thought that you want to live by. And just as your heartbeats regulate themselves to the strikes of a ticking clock, your whole life changes, you start planning, mapping and running towards that one aim. It’s a simple scientific equation; you have seen your future in that fraction of time…it all makes perfect sense and…”it’s where I want to be.”

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