“Books from Boxes”

Comes a point in our everyday where we look around and hear nothing but “too tired, enough, too much, missing, wanting, longing”and all other possible words that bring you to silently yell: DAMN IT! Just then, in those few seconds where you actually think about the damn it part and turn your eyes away from whatever it is that you’re looking at…just then, time stops. You rethink your dreams, your mistakes, your successes, everything and everyone that has ended, everything and everyone that has begun. There no set date to such changes, they often visit unexpectedly, on a sporadic calendar and timing, to tear you away from a comfort zone, from old habits and memories. You think they’re literally killing you when all they’re really doing is show you glimpses of new hopes, new dreams; shaping new days. New beginnings are always refreshing, just wake up after those few weeks of “oh my God, why is this happening?”  and hold on to that glance; also remember, amid all the boxes of memories, empty glasses of wine, and books with depressing titles: amid all of that mess there are a few things really worth holding on to. Drag them around with you!

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