And it Begins, Again.

If I expressed less, then I would be less impervious. But if I shared with you more, then it might have worked. What if I didn’t say anything, would I be truly happy? But is it really worth sacrificing the chance? [Alarm]

You see, thoughts of random insanity are easily found, epic, one might add. What matters the most is to make sense out of a choice that we consciously & firmly believe in. If my priority is work, then work it is, everything else: I toss out. But if my priority is you, then I can build anything, wherever, whenever: with you. Forget about the “ifs” & “buts”, the whens & hows, the ups & downs that are pure hallucinations, beautifully directed by your fears & insecurities. New chances should not be a welcome note for past reminders; don’t let it get in your way everytime something new comes along, again. Live the day & the moment a la Carpe Diem style, build a future based on concrete scenarios that you are currently running, not on a double track path that you think might have happened. The clock is ticking…waiting is a loss, & regretting is a pertinent slow death. Don’t wait & most definitely, do not regret.  Leave the sidewalks of “ifs” & “buts”: such silly service roads, and take “today” & “tomorrow” avenue, your main highway.

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