Let There Be, Inspiration!

7a0741277171c48ac3e6a83657ee454cThe tragedy of a dreaded morning. The heavy sighs. The demotivated mind. The uninspired heart. All awakened, all numb… all drowning. In the midst of such unfulfilling feelings and lost pathways, the soul searches for a haven, for a something that will blush the day, that will twist circumstance.

Unequivocally, the soul marches silently, hanging on to its memories, to its comforting feelings of pain, fear, reservation, reluctance. The barricades are so apparent, that a slight ray of sun will be as cutting as a sword. It feels safe there… the soul is embraced by a heavy veil; it doesn’t need to make an effort, to seek, to smile, or even to breathe. It is complacent; tragically motionless… it passes alongside all that matters with a poised indifference; for touching beauty will make it realize: “Life is over there, not here in the dark room of memories.”

Life is really not complicated. What matters is the connection to those you love…after that, life just happens. The unwavering feeling of belonging to someone will lighten up a whole life, for it is the only certainty that can be an everlasting fire, carried through time, space, and even death. Believe that this tragic morning is nothing but a temporary “off-hours.” Move forward, cut the ropes of yesterday and throw yourself in today’s. There are so many risks in giving yourself away, but so much beauty in recognizing yourself in another.

Today, if you feel frightened, instead… Be inspired. When you face challenges, know that if you believe in change, you believe that there is more for you out there…then there is always a way. Take a walk outside the dark room of memories and idleness: see life. Dare to want and then hold on to it. If the heart is in it and the mind wraps it, then make it happen, unleash the motivation and unconditionally let go. Believe it, everything is just a few steps away. Throw your shoulders back and charge right in… there is no obstacle that cannot be surmounted, no fact that tells you, “you can’t.” Dare to become your dream and then live.

Today, if you feel scared, instead be inspired…

One thought on “Let There Be, Inspiration!

  1. I always believed that the colors of the night are brighter than those of the day! It is ok… life is what happens at the border of lost time…
    one can’t recognize light if one has not been through the darkness…
    Inspiring, motivating, encouraging! Reminds me of the light at the end of the tunnel!


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