The most beautiful things in the world can neither be touched nor seen. They’re enclosed somewhere deep in your heart, in the warmth of words, in the explanation of a performance/behavior. Things can be forgotten, people can be replaced, love can be compensated… but words… they’re mostly there. Some get engraved, others disappear, but yet others, they bound lives. Chapters close, most books get thrown away… stories end. But there is always a new chapter to write, and the belief that something so much better is yet to come… it’s heartbreaking when a version of the truth you’ve known ends, and it does so always by using words… when everything around you breaks into pieces because you suddenly realised – or better heard – something that was there all along.

But the best of it all is when you wait for that new thing to come your way. 
And you know it will.

*Mind the words*

Like the simplest act of a flowing river: let your words out, pour yourself into someone else’s heart, and dive into the magical effect of emotions. Yet, always do so with kindness & a holding hand… then & there you would have solved everything, you would have cured everything, & most of all, you would have added a bit of magic & a bit of faith into words that will resonate forever, that will bind you together. It is words & kindness the true connection between each other. For it is in words that we start acting upon kindness; & it is in kindness that we find the right words. Words are never forgotten, you carry them with you all along, but mostly, you identify everyone else through their words – and that’s the image that you will probably frame, for good.

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