Until Then…Gaze

If you look at life from your windowpane…To Dad It’s moving, it’s changing,
Nothing stays the same, everything evolves.
But if you gaze at one thing…
That one particular thing that, through the windowpane
Catches your attention.
It takes you to places, doesn’t it?
Your memories run wild,
Your thoughts stream uncontrolled
And that heart of yours… it stops and beats and drums and all of sudden,
In a quiet corner of that window…
It finds solace and starts missing the present.
For what has gone you’ve witnessed,
It happened with much love and deep attachment…
Whom has gone,Raised you in life and will forever more be reflected in you.
An unwavering hand,
Your voice of consciousness
Your angel of hopes and miracles
They taught you, they raised you, they praised you,
But most of all they gave us life.
A life so blessed, so crowned, so priceless…

Everytime I gaze through my windowpane…
It just seems like yesterday that you became my guiding light
With much wishes of hopes and miracles,And much love from every tear and smile
I gaze today, at that cross outside my room’s windowpane
And almost touch your hand
To wish you a happy father’s day
Up there in heaven… from my heart to your soul…
Until we meet again.

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