Picked up out of the lyrics of a song
Or simply read on the corner of a bumper sticker…
No matter where our eyes meet these words;
Their emotional resonance is always true.
“You give me wings” is not just nice in a rap song
Or inspiring poetic words.

Giving someone wings is a smile right as the sun rises,
It’s an “I love you” in the middle of the day
It’s finding the hand of the one you love
Discussing with the brightest smile,
Or angelically falling asleep in the deepest of embraces.
We spend so much time focusing on ourselves
That we tend to forget that others depend on us…
Others depend on their wings
So that they can actually see reality through the
Lens that they’ve always pictured it.
Beautiful, fun, sweet, and dreamy.

That even with its downs and sorrow,
Life is still a fairytale…
Life is full of great lyrics…
And every moment can still, no matter what,
Take your breath away.

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