Bump the Stickers!

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I’m a strong advocate of bumper stickers and motivational quotes. By all means, I even write them. But sometimes, late at night, after rushing through a crazy day…I lay in bed, eyes almost sealed, heart nearly relaxed but mind still vibrant. I recall the laughter, the words, the challenges, and the moments. Such moments where a single one can alter everything, it can build the highest skyscraper and it can destroy the most inspirational instant.

How we go about the moment is key to how we will remember it. Something along the lines of “Smile and the world will smile back to you.” Yet, as we embrace the good in life, we also embrace the bad. And so it becomes only normal to face a difficult situation, and sometimes use “from bad to worse” statements.


The good is always loved… cherished. But the bad? Sometimes our instincts prevail and a situation is fast to become a catastrophe. Like adding fuel to an already combustible situation. Soon enough, all you’ll remember is the pain; the poignant touch of aching words as they lay on your heart and surround you with the silence of even more insensitive thoughts.

At that moment. Stop. Step back and write it down. Think about it outside your mind. Read it and “look at it.” Viewing a problem from outside is so much easier than judging it from inside. Every story has two versions, even your own problems, have different layers. Be true. Be fair. Be clear. And then figure it out.

It’s one moment. Kill it or hold on to it.
Make it matter or move on.

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