On the way

In the spur of the moment between laughter and hugs, we forget to cherish the exceptional moments that move onward. Occasions have this magical ability of collecting all the positive energy… Turning a beautiful but simple “congratulations” into a bundle of joy… Bringing such an indescribable emotion where we’re always short of words to describe how we feel but full of passion to fully precise it. A firework of positivity and energy. Of love and bliss. Of everything that you ever dreamed of and everything you ever wanted…

In these moments falls one second… where everything is still. Where all your plans and wishes unfold in a breathtaking waltz. Some people call it epiphany, others revelation… But no matter what it is… it’s yours. Your memories, your wishes, your lessons, experience. Where everything just decide to parade in front of you. All makes you smile… you smile the biggest, the brightest when that person that you hold so dearly, that you lost to the heavens…appears, right there.

As you look at your own parade…

You realize, life goes on. Those we lost? Never gone, invisible yet so close. Welcoming new lives, they greet us with love and memoirs… Shedding a ray of blessings all around. You come back from the parade. And the magic is even stronger, the bond is even more familiar. They’re not gone; they’ve become the everlasting company, which we look for when we gaze away. That intensely powerful presence, that makes everything better, every hope an amazing drive and every difficulty a silly hiccup.

That and much more…until we meet again.


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