So, Technically…

Perceptions… screw you up. Overthinking – messes up the simplest of situations. Calculations – eventually lead you to the wrong answer. Manipulations – always fires back at you. Naivety – a curse NEVER a blessing. Planning gets you somewhere, but not necessarily where you want to be. (plan anyway)Love is the ultimate goal we all want to reach (even for those who don’t know it yet).

So what do you do, in general?
Don’t play it smart – play it real.

  • Consider – wear someone else shoes – or almost.
  • Look – understand carefully.
  • Absorb – take it all in…
  • Feel – be sad but then snap out of it.
  • Think – for no longer than 20 minutes.
  • Sleep on it – best part.
  • React – 2 words: poise and consideration.

Life is incredible…things around are constantly happening. There is always a pinch of something to fill a glass with. On days it will be colourful and noisy– at others, transparent and plain (we all have those – some days more than others). But technically, it’s always full… and not to wax philosophical statements, but it’s really only the ride that scares us… but life? It’s always full, busy and oh so incredibly fascinating! Flap your arms, jump around and enjoy! It’s one hell of a ride!


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