One Sign @ A Time

It’s obvious.
We try so hard to read the signs, give an extra attention to that light bulb… to seriously consider that waving board to our right telling us: Danger! Stop! Move! Change! …

But we so blissfully ignore it.
Even better, we disguise it: “It’s mean nothing, it’s just a moment…” – and mind you, we go on repeating the same statement so many times that it actually becomes a fact. We take the deepest of lessons from series that last for years, but never read that one blunt truth that is standing right across from us.

As maturity daunts on you… read the signs. Don’t overdo it – you’re not an undercover agent. But take a second to consider your surrounding. You might be surprised as to how much you knew, but refused to acknowledge. It’s like looking at the world with new lenses…

aaaaaOnce you realise that everything you need to know is really in front you, the smallest of things will mean the world, and the biggest of things will mean what they truly are. A small gesture will make your day, and a big move will make two of your clean and bright.

Keep it simple… look around. Don’t “figure out” every sign – it’s impossible. But see every sign and maybe, take a walk? Take it in? And then either walk the sign or defy it. Either way, it’s always there. Just take a second to look, 2 seconds to digest, 3 seconds to breath, 4 seconds to think of how you’re going to motivate yourself, and 5 seconds to actually walk your talk, with poise and responsibility, whatever your choice may be.

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