Lovely “6”, & Counting …

Most writings focus on words… on emotions & pictures but what if this one focuses on numbers? I said “I do” 6 months ago; I said it for a million things: “I do, to compromise” “I do: to love, hold, cherish, play, smile, jump, travel, grow old, go crazy.” We all take deep lessons from past relationships and become somewhat of a poet at the turn of every breakup. But imagine if you felt so positive on the break of each dawn… and so blessed at the set of each sun.

Bounce in between from a happy ice cream moment, a really bad playstation tournament, to the best sandwich you’ve had. Difficult times are there – this is not a bedtime story – but they’re exactly the ones that take you from one happy place to the next! The ones that prove that it’s all worth it…

You always look forward to the things that make you happy. You always have a butterfly in your stomach when something dreamlike is about to happen. We all count. We count for different purposes, in different ways. But we all count for what is closest to our hearts. For us, this is the greatest clock we have, the most colorful butterfly in the room… So why not count all the time?

It’s been only 6 months… and we’re definitely counting!

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