Trees Have High Heels!

It’s a fashion statement. It really is… I mean what else could it be? Imagine roaming around the streets, people wearing black and white, tree leaves, all deep brown… roads, all very much dark grey. How dull would it be? Or even better, how miserable would we all be?

We all have a piece of our mind that we want to give away. Be it in words, colors, clothes, gestures, gifts or food. Event nature! We’re all good at that one thing which makes everyone else “get us” and smile when they think about us. Of course – there are those negative instances – but no one wants to remember those.

Your form of expression. Your statement. Fashionably, yours. This is your signature, this is how people will remember you, by what you wear inside out. It’s inner beauty and definitely inner peace that we all seek, and that is absolutely reflected in our every form of expression. Make your inside as beautiful as you can, and reflect it, express it, wear it. Color the street, build a nice home, leave behind touching poems, write activist blogs, dress up or even distribute candies on Christmas day.

How you make people feel will fade with time, but how you are defined, will be remembered forever. Whoever said that you can’t make a tree out of shoes? Louboutin is expressing, creatively… Inspiring enough?



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