When Observing Should be Silenced…

On days where I would gladly say “To hell”, I choose to say it differently!

And so it begins, as incompetent comments should be silenced yet when they thankfully unleash mystical poise. Destroying all fences and ridiculing that and those far from any intellectual capability to read between the lines, and so far from looking in the mirror and be able to judge accurately. Then you come to realize: Poor are those with no money, poorer are those with no wisdom but even poorer are those with no self-assessment.

With the vibrant touch of elegance, and the proven talent of eloquence – some days – and such days are alas not so rare – water becomes scarce & coffee, the hydrating remedy.

In such instances where a brilliant passion of animosity & disappointment sweetly sweeps away your “Keep Calm” flag… No slip of the tong, no unmatched attires – but the divine reflection of perfection & attitude. The gracefulness of fragrant metaphors & unparalleled wit, the high heels of a modeling goddess, the appeal of a successful capitalist & the sharpness of a surgeon’s knife.

For it is in mystifying the mind that rests the greatest note of all. Such an algorithm could be solved, but such complexity in emotions: it leaves you to wonder.

For you are unfit to apprehend such poetic sorrow, let alone worthy of a vocabulary citing esteem & admiration.

Such dedication can only be unnamed, for it is in the graciousness of keeping an opinion dormant that one rises in power.



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