1.0. Sec

You know, it’s funny.
It takes a romantic script at the very last 10 seconds of a movie to make you realize something. To light up the biggest bulb.
It takes you a split of a second to know that you’re going to miss someone… to know that you don’t want things to alter.

One second.
It takes exactly one second.
To know that you want to hold on
To open your arms
To take a chance
To let that silly metaphor of a balloon: “fly”
To know that something needs to change, while others might take more time
We use forever to dream, as an excuse to delay realizing them…
Because. What if they don’t work out?

Oh well. A glass in one hand, a high-five in the other. Jump up and say “Woohoo, it was one hell of a ride!”

But imagine if they end up working… what would you then? (mm)

Don’t let your dreams fade… don’t wait… don’t drag.
When a dream is over, have a new one.
Make of every day a second that will make everything else worthwhile.


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