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It’s not the brand… although I love it. Valentino’s dresses are the refined definition of elegance.
But this valentino is actually different… He’s my bestfriend …

That’s the best definition that I know of love … Coming home everyday to my better half.
Coming home everyday with an endless list of “I did.. and you know what?” with an extensive summary of “She said… my meeting was… etc”
Going shopping with a best friend who actually loves to see me dress like a princess.
Or simply watching a movie with cup of hot coco & some nachos for a late snack.

I married him… This sums it all.
Good days are perfect, bad days are just a small corner but every days are my best!
For everyday there is something new, everyday it’s more “in love” and everyday we get to fall in love all over again.

That’s what it means to marry a best friend.
Oh this was supposed to be about Valentine… well…
Valentine’s day is not so special… It’s just the 365th day in which I get to tell you again “I love you and you are forever, my always.”


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