Acute Angles

It doesn't hurt to look at things in a different way  as long as you are not Blind to seeing them 4 the way they Truly Are!!!  EVERYTHING IS NOT WHAT IT ALWAYS APPEARS TO BE

It was an ongoing conversation today that basically led us to believe that synchronized eyesight, feelings and mindsets are a bargaining ship that anyone should aim for. Oh well, the general public opinion will either shut you down, because you know too much and you’re intimidating; or because you don’t know enough and yet you’re still intimidating for not giving up. To have various interests does not make you “confused.” To know pretty much about bits & pieces… you’re not a geek. To have various opinions, is not “philosophical.” It never hurts to look at things everyday from a different angle as long as you know which one suits you best!

To know the above… is enriching! But the best part of it all is to see… what makes, breaks you, motivates you or even drives you away.
You get that incredible passion to move, fulfill, dream, dream even bigger… because you’re sure, you’re set. You see the glass, what’s in it and what’s missing and you get to choose for yourself. That’s true inspiration… to hold within you a muse, big enough, to make you see brighter, and flexible enough to make you welcome new inspirations/people/passions and along the way, some nice drinks too!

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