Feet & Hearts!


I had two choices. Go for it. Forget it.
In the split of a second separating the “do” from the “don’t,” I actually “did.”

What I thought was impossible, complicated, nerve-wracking, and so problematic turned out to be even more so, rewording! Of course, it’s about the people, the places, the causes but it’s also about the passion, the feet and the heart. All of that should be progressively organized and categorized in the mind, so clearly that an e-filing system would be intimidated! Once the impossible is reached, after encountering along the way few minutes of “it’s not happening, just forget it” a silence sits in and a fragile smirk surfaces up. Not to say I’m tired, or that I did it, but to say that I can, I will and I will always be able to realize my dreams as long as I follow my feet, lead with my mind and most definitely push forward with my heart! Whatever others may think, perfect… I don’t think about them at all. This is about me!


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