Rushion Weeks


It is said that it is imperative to divide politics from everything else… but how can you do that? When politics becomes a way of thinking… a way of looking at things and even an inspiration. How can you pretend to avoid “bringing in politics” when even fashion is affected by it?

Yes. Fashion.


You know, hats, coats, pants, shirts, purses, accessories etc… that industry, who usually people in movies wearing very dark and grim suits tend to “avoid” (might be close to reality too). Wearing black/dark blue uniforms, pass by magazine stands and directly head towards the Business or World Affairs sections… that industry. Worth billions of dollars, traveling through countries and continents without any border or restriction. That industry is actually the best model that highlights the richness of cultural differences and that proves that even the most remote nations, when rapped in beauty, can perfectly coexist. Japanese signs on French & Italian bags… Louis Vuitton in the streets of high-end Thailand socialites, Arabic calligraphy on trendy clutches and must-have pashminas.

Fashion knows no flag, country, allegiance, or loyalty. Fashion is trend, beauty and business. Moved from the runway to the football field… from house of fashion to house of cars such as Mercedes and Ferrari…from a luxurious accessory to a must-have style.

2014 Fashion weeks throughout the world are RUSSIA-inspired. From the glamour of hats, fur and Dr.Zhivago-like dress code, the runways have celebrated Russian’s status in the headlines. Whether in the Olympics or politics, now fashion runways have become a yet another platform.

Divide politics? No. Not for now. Maybe a few centuries down the road? But not today.

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