Believe in Disney

We’ve all been inspired by Disney. The Cinderella stories, every other princess, prince, gold fish or frog have basically raised us and made our dreams. Did we really grow up? Are we that different today than when we were kids?

We smile, the most sincerest of all, when we see an old couple holding hands, or kissing by the river – forever love… we smile, brightest, when we plan our wedding: “It’s going to be a fairytale!” – real happiness… we smile, biggest, when our prince charming gets down on one knee – prince charming. But we smile, truest, when we wake up every morning and look beside us, and whisper, “I love you” – happily ever after.

We’re not that different from our 3-year old… the only difference is that our heroes have names and real colors, not pencil ones. We all believed in Disney, and as far as I see it, we have not grown apart, one single bit. Some call it, “hopeless romantic,” “fairytale,” or “dreamy” … but since it exists, why not still believe in it?

A dash of magic, a sparkle of hope and lots of love all around? Seems perfect to me! I believe in Disney! So should you…

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