Anyone around?


It’s packing time! And so with all the shoes and clutches and tops and makeup kits, the bag looks full… but it’s incredible.

The excitement of changing scenery, routine and yes sure, diet: takes you completely to another level. Traveling around with the one single person who means the world to you is like, literally, carrying your home around and feeling absolutely blessed and secure no matter where. Here’s a little secret: memorize. Take snapshots as you go along through your day… don’t hide behind uncertainty, the unknown and the new. They’re blessings, count them, hold that one hand, look around you and absorb it in. These small glances, or polaroid moments are the ones that take you from one happy snapshots to the next! Peeking is good but don’t do it too long… it’s curiosity, as long as you know where you’re heading and eventually, what you want! Take a good look and move! Happy Snapshots!

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