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It’s definitely the city of oh so many lights and +130 floors. A land where you think that anything is possible and you actually leave everything behind to run down your dream. Some people have had tragic experiences, others created wonderful memories. Some are enchanted by Europe and its history, others by the fast expansion and awe-inspiring of these skyscrapers. Economics crisis or land of opportunities… for now, it’s rising up, it’s building up and it’s mesmerising to look back 20 years and compare, it brought the world to its land. As I walk out of the gates, back home, I look out of my taxi window to a landscape, not too picturesque in the Shakespearean sense but beautifully and uniquely elevated. Not too outlandish of a few days, not too extravagant of a few nights, but so enriching in too many ways. With old friends in the picture, my inspiration by my side, and my eyes full of opportunities, Dubai has shown more than skyscrapers and sand: even the smallest particle of desert can turn into the highest building on earth. Vision, dreams and the willingness to make things happen are but the only tool needed to build cities out of sand castles, to build yourself out of dreams. Take advice from the UAE: make things happen.

As fast as the drawing: Make it happen!

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