more, less, MORE, LESS

6a8963b6c335b870d6c9589bf659d709Or something along those lines!

For some, “less” is as important as “more” and for others “more” will never be enough.
Sometimes we go on crazy shopping springs, jumping from one end to the other, feeling so great when carrying brand bags and new items. Who wouldn’t be?

But are more things enough? Is more of everything really that satisfying? A book can be written as answer! And suddenly the author will go into a psychological analysis of how the past has dramatically affected the way we look at a black dress, or why we often like to renew our wardrobe!

Renewal is good. When we change the ringtone on our phone, we feel – not different, this is too grand – but we feel a pinch of enthusiasm. As if we just got something new and we want to test it!

Don’t try to understand or decipher every step to Zara, every visit to ABC, or every smile spent on a bracelet or a diamond charm, especially when you’re putting your heart into it as a gift for someone else.

Be content, be convinced, but mostly, know the value of what you have and what you’re giving away. If you have value, you have it all… and so whether more or less, it’ll be a blessing, count it!

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