A Note


Death is nothing at all
Or at least, it became as such…
Once the big charade of cries and strangers stops knocking at your door,
Breaking your solace and peaceful memories.

It’s nothing at all.
For I still call on you…
Ask you things and whisper to you.
I search for you still, in everything I see…
Remember your wisdom and teachings in times of need.

Still have the same tone when I feel I might contest what you say.
Still cry when I miss you,
And smile when I see you, in my dreams.

It’s nothing at all.
For I still pray for you, everyday.
I go on through my day, with a fierce power,
Knowing that life goes on…
As its values grow deeper.

It’s like life is the same as it ever was.
Except when it’s not.
At that interval where I’m tired & let go.
Where death means, “end” with a very long pause of goodbyes.

But this doesn’t last. For life does really go on.
And when I slip into losing that blissful picture,
I take a long gap, however long that may be, and remember you.
Then, You’re still with me, and all is well.

You’re missed x

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