“It’s Sexy”

It’s as attractive as your favorite craving. We all seek it. Although we don’t completely agree with it, we always find a hook to identify with it.

It’s addictive… it’s time consuming but most definitely rewarding. Mind-blowing, inter
active and captivating. There’s no such thing as “bad” or “negative” to it… for in today’s world, once you’re spoken of [wait for it]: you’re famous!

We travel worlds based on it. Dream of cities, imitate and try to reflect it. On a bad day we buy magazines to skim through it. On a good day we buy tickets! On an every-day morning, we meticulously greet it. Cities rise or fall in notoriety and our perceptions are highly, if not fully, consumed by it.

Countless jobs are dependent on it, and so much more will come out of it. There are no dos and don’ts… Its outcome relies more on the sensitivity, creativity and indubitable knowledge of its producer.

Advertising has taken the world by storm. Its ads, videos, movies, billboards, words, slogans, covers, articles and events, are the most sought on a yearly basis. Cities, products, industries, romance, heroes are all sold out, by the second. Social media, blogs, gift bags, coupons, instagram, facebook, pinterest, google+ fill your heart with warmth and – admit it – make you either feel better, inspire you to change or actually prove you right!

Ads have changed the world, but even on a rainy day, they’re always right, and they always add a little bit of sunshine. Whether to live by them, buy, inspire, change, go glamorous, or travel, ads, are by all means, your sexy and really bestest of friends. They take you to nice places, and that’s something we all look forward to!6bbe31b77c246cd425773732d52e10a9

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