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Over the past few days I’ve witnessed a tremendous ordeal of thoughts, emotions, applauses, chats, woos etc. The best way to describe it would be a train station’s waiting area. You know, that, both uplifting and drowning time, where the train is in station and goodbyes, welcomes, adieus, to-do lists, kisses, hugs, reminders and everything else that the mind amasses are just dashed at each other, from all corners, at every door, by every person, without of course forgetting the noise of the train, the police officers and train officers calling for boarding. All this, until 1 bell, 1 “very big cloche” signaling the departure, but also the banning of it all. And then. Quite.

This comes of course out of experience, but this reminder, comes out of inspiration. Sitting on the side, watching, intervening at times, but watching for most. As life swings you off-balance, catches you off-guard and throws you off-coarse, you slowly but surely start designing a new path, with such a fresh ripeness and openness (if lucky) you venture into a new world. Key is to buy to everything healthy, positive and that you hold dear a one-way ticket to accompany you through your latest voyage. Choose carefully, some things and shadows could be too heavy for such a trip, let them go. This step might sound easy enough, but it proves also to be the most difficult task. Knowing where to go? Easy. It’s deciding to move, that’s challenging. Writing comes stress-free, but it’s catching the inspiration that is perplexing.

But once you do. Walk, don’t look back – you may have a sneak-peek if you wish, but do so with your emotions out the door – fall into the beauty of redesigning, discovering and creating. The unknown is frightening but also captivating, both good and bad walk in, but when the good does, it’s worth every bad. Life has taught as much, and will keep doing so. Yet when you experience such an internal revolution – and yes, revelation – you’re hopefully equipped with a far wiser consciousness that makes you an inspiration to others and not a sympathy case.

This is rare and only a few get elected to have their names carry this imposing positive connotation. As I woke up, I realized that I’m blessed to be surrounded by them, to have been brave enough to know how to choose them and give them this one-way ticket through my journey. You have been a guiding light and today you are most definitely a great inspiration.

As we all repay our favors, we look back and smile gently, we look forward and smile brightly. For we are redesigning and there is no limitation to that! Fly, up, up, get carried away by your idols and dreams… the past is too boring to drag behind!

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