Diamonds, Any-One?

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 10.23.47 AM

It’s eternity… what it mainly symbolizes. Poets are still heavily debating on it yet the contemporaries are still undecided about it, swinging between “oh boy I’m above it” and “I want it all!”: not very surprising. A girl should have diamo
nds, but should not have them all!

It’s definitely about fashion and exposure but there is an underlying epic truth that is loudly proven when holding a diamond. Yes, granted, the size, shape, or colors are important … but that’s not the fascinating part, that’s not its secret. Random diamonds, no matter how expensive, are expandable goods… forgotten in drawers and overlooked by the heart. But diamonds with intent and compatibility are everlasting. You shine brighter with your timeless piece when you’re happy about it… That’s why you carefully choose what to wear…

True, they are sparkling and frosty and create comments like “oh wow this is stunning”, yet there is much more to a diamond than the unspoken envy in women’s eyes. They are brilliant everlasting masterpieces that don’t age, tastefully vanish or crumble. “You can never go wrong with diamonds” … it’s an absolute fact. They reflect the image of an ideal woman: beautiful, confident and poised
, at all times, everywhere.

They might be a girl’s best friend, but they’re also a promise, a meticulous search and design for perfection and a secret affair with its owner. The value of diamonds resides in the pieces that best speak to you, and that mostly reflect you… quantity is no longer key, a diamond is not always right, and hey! Not any diamond would do! Fine Jewelry can very well make statements alone… The secret is in having those pieces that make you, and you alone, stand out in a room that’s constantly spinning, radiating through, showing your character, elegance and grace. That’s what diamonds are about… choose them well; you’ll wear them even better.

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