that ONE rule

3098I was researching some articles… trying to find a few words to link together. It’s difficult sometimes when you’re trying so hard to put an idea on a piece of paper but you simply lack those attractive, sexy words that would actually convey it.

Ah well… most times you just walk away, a glass of orange juice [aka wine] might help, but some days, just forgetting about it is key. And so I’ve been forgetting about it for a while now. Although i’m supposed to meet a deadline and hand in a nice eloquent article I somehow decided that the inspiration will be found somewhere along my conversations, random thoughts and daily tasks. Little did I know that I would actually forget about it, completely!

Then I stumbled upon a cool website, Before even skimming it, I was directly attracted by the name. We all have one rule, right? That one cardinal golden rule that we would never compromise, even though we forget about it sometimes and cross that imaginary red line… But when something hits us, we’re back to that rule, in the blink of an eye!

It’s normal in life to lose sight of our comfort zone, we wouldn’t be comfortable at all if we don’t “forget about it”. What’s important is to revisit it every once in a while… Our principles, rules, values, we all carry them with us everyday, they’re no longer in front of us, they’re part of us. But, every now and then, take a minute, check them out – before they hit you in the face. See if you’re still upholding them, living by them… Make this your ONE rule, dust your lists.

Amass sticky notes, create folders and to-do lists on your phone, write a diary with your utmost vital rules… memorize them and fold them. But wait, keep an alarm on, revisit those pages. Reload the route you initially designed for yourself.

It’s a reality check, either keep going: you’re on the right track, or change: to a better one. Make this your ONE rule. So now, where did your lists go? Move forward with the sharpest mind & purest heart, but keep your lists handy: check reality in the face & reach those goals, your way!

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