Magic, everyday.



There is an unexpected truth at every turn… and it’s beautiful when we find solace in something truly ours, independent from everyone else; when we start learning to pick ourselves up and look forward against all noises. When we clear our mind and converse with the silent words that we don’t dare to utter.

There is an unspoken motivation that comes after an epic failure and a brilliant pain, after we’ve encountered so much despair, and lost both track of time and mind. There is so much beauty in knowing that no matter what, no matter where, you have the power and choice to love yourself in any possible way. To stand up for what you truly feel and to face whatever may come.

It’s at that juncture, when we lose faith in everything we’ve known, that our faith is renewed to welcome new tracks and new thoughts. We thus learn to adapt, mature and with the poise of a feather settle and make that new space our own. What was once scary becomes a friend, and what was unwelcome becomes safe.

Have the sight to find that light inside of you, to find the purest form of life and inspiration that will allow once again, that dash of glitter and ray of colors to fill the path you’re walking on and put you back on the track that you seek and right in the life that you so dreamingly desire.

Going far is part of life, breaking up into piece a needed bus-stop, but befriending yourself and radiating your inner beauty is what makes life so incredibly attractive and what makes you so undeniably beautiful. Your surroundings are fed by your energy… send tenderness, happiness and serenity their way, you’ll be amazed by how much love you’ll get in return.

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