Lines of Sugar!

IMG_3704 - Version 2 copy copy

Did you ever see a 3D work of art that you could actually touch? Imagine Mona Lisa’s smile… its ambiguous and unwavering glimpse of a smile in 3D. Imagine an explosion of emotions, all in one and the same place.

You might have seen it… maybe. But did you ever smell its colors? Taste its idea?
Creation and art have gone a long way throughout decades, from before the Renaissance to long after it, art has evolved, matured and gone epicly wild.

And so simply imagine, if all this exciting picture/emotion/memory could be celebrated in one unique place. If there is such a place, where you could bring happiness, love and fun all together? Where you would be gathering those you love and cherish the most… where you would be evenly poised, smashingly attractive and friendly.

It’s nice and definitely a must! Where all sweetness converge, colors meet and motion pictures get crafted. Where you walk between tons of lines of sugar decide on your most glamorous sight and walk away with it. A delicious treat, a cake, a cupcake…1-story, 2-story, a 3-story… Go crazy and pick!

It’s brand new, it’s incredibly tasty and you can easily see it for yourself! It’s Sugar Linings, thousands of lines and lots of sugar to turn your idea into the sweetest creation!

Website now launched and creativity all unleashed!

Have fun!

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