What’s Today Again?


Apparently it’s Father’s Day.
I don’t forget… but unlike most people, my celebration does not involve a cake, an expensive gift and a loving hug.

My celebration, is a one-way conversation… with you.

The list of everything I want to tell you gets summed up with “I miss you” and “I wish you were here”. Everything I see, feel, live or experience… every emotion, I send your way in thought, but never in word.

But on this occasion, when the world gathers to celebrates fatherhood, and the unconditional love and lessons that it sends our way; I pray in silence, in front of an empty chair, imagining you.

You know what I thought made it easier? Remembering our fights, remembering the unoriginal and some of the disappointing traits that I once saw in you. But then, they vanish and I go back to missing you and actually smiling about those angry teenage nights, and then that chair becomes a bundle of topics and “Oh you saw this?” and “Ou Ou! Did you see this wedding picture?”

Apparently it’s Father’s Day. And thankfully I’m never going to forget. A memory can be as vivid as reality, and that’s how I remember you. With every health, smile, passion for life, strength and faith. You have given me life, but turns out that even in your absence, your lessons still come my way and unravel in the splendid life that you taught me, with difficulty, to appreciate.

Life is made of moments and decisions. Such ones that define who we are. And today, like every day, I smile, and leave everything in your hands because I know you are there and I know that you will guide me through.

Souls do that… and guardian angels do even more.

Until we see each other again.
I miss you and love you terribly much pap.

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