Feng Shui it all!

I’ve recently decided to place the exact amount of importance on my everyday elements. You know how interior decorators emphasize on the importance of Feng Shui? I decided to literally Feng Shui every aspect of my life.

It’s when you reach that point where you feel like your own inner space doesn’t reflect you or welcome you anymore… that’s when your Feng Shui state of mind should kick in. Reorganizing has never been a difficult option for me, it’s actually the usual alternative. Walking away, changing, adapting, readjusting, de-cluterring, reshuffling, are all synonyms to the one fact that rests upon the idea that you can control some things around you, and when you cannot control them, you can still control their effect by controlling yourself.

Too many “control” words in one sentence! But don’t get me wrong, by controlling we most definitely don’t refer to the neurotic control-freak-bridezilla style. On the contrary, it’s controlling the needed amount, at the exact time, with the right approach, in the adequate state of mind and with the right weighted words to wrap it all up beautifully.

Sure, putting people under limelights, making sure that the right amount of light is given to them comes difficult at times. Although Feng Shui is about open spaces and natural lights, sometimes to be able to truly achieve it as a lifestyle, you need some walls and barriers around you. “Move that personality away… Put some distance with them… Isolate from those… Build your confidence here, etc” they’re all fair thoughts, but wouldn’t you feel so much better if you actually implemented them?

Those thoughts are the Feng Shui version of white, cheerful beige, black, summary blue, warm grey, beigie wood, minty corners, metallic elements, glassy surfaces with touches of turquoise, gold, yellow, red, orange, etc

When you choose the colors that make you feel most welcome in your own space, that throw upon you that feeling of calmness and relaxation, that decorate your thoughts, making them even more welcoming to strangers… those would be your colors, those would be the thoughts that you should be seeking.

I’ve reorganized every corner today. Turns out, it’s not just furniture and “things” that I was moving around. I ended up moving people, emotions, ideas, thoughts and most importantly parts of me.

I have a mental map of people around me now: some are thrown to the deep end of the unclassy-not-worth-responding to pool, others are shot up to the skies … some are as close to me as my neighborhood, and others are simply erased. It’s that time that I took for reorganizing that shed light on the importance of focusing on one’s self and space.

For if you are good there, you are good everywhere, and you are mostly a positive lightening strike to all those you love. Write people onto lists, put things into perspective and live your day with the blessings of calmness, poise and maturity. When you look at a nicely decorated area, that’s how you feel. Today? Visualize your mind, and work on it!

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