You’re Full of Studs!



The urge to touch a sense of adventure has been appealing to literally everyone. This “sense” though has many levels of alteration, for some it’s about style, for others it’s about completely jumping ship.

Reshaping personality is a bit of a constant work in progress. Highly affected by others, every situation is an opportunity for change or a simple proof for “hang in there”.

With the countless stores that surround you on a daily basis, your urge is not so much to shop for the sake of walking down an avenue with brandy neatly cut bags – which I admit, feels good! It’s more the idea that “I want to change. I want to add something”.

Yes. A whole article about change! But this time, it’s not the drastic existentialist question of “Who am I?”, but it’s more so the need to feel different, more alive, more colorful, even if only for the night. It’s stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing new trends.

Today? It’s definitely Studs! From shoes, flats to handbags, studs have literally conquered the fashion industry by storm. From Valentino to Zara, studs are being elegantly and boldly attached to colors, shapes and sizes.

I wasn’t such a fan, especially when I think that i’d get bored of it. But it makes it no less attractive to wear and it makes you feel cool and edgy at its best. A black Zara bag, leather, studs, a trendy look for the day, and edgy chic entrance for the night! A must have for this summer and you’ll seriously still love it in the fall.

It’s good to change, it’s good to add a twist to your style. Don’t overdo it by completely revamping your personality, but go out of your “regular” way to always feel fresh. Leave home every day with a last glimpse at the mirror feeling great about yourself. There’s always something new on the runway that you can take home, this season? We’re definitely all full of studs!

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