Surf-in Closet!

It’s always nice to come home with a bag full of goodies. Shoe box, Chanel bag, Dior earrings, with all the soft shimmery of wrappings… but this is all, changing? Knowing the texture, feeling the fabric, trying clothes on… all evolving. What we used to know as shopping time, or anger management for some, has been completely transformed into a virtual “surf-in closet” with the Rodeo Drive experience on your screens and all the fabulousness of Haute E-Couture through the comfort of your pages.

Everything you ever imagined getting is now a click away and a 3-day delivery. Don’t bother traveling, sending it with a friend, or worrying about getting through customs. Everything now can be done with a single click, you don’t even have to double click! (true story)

The fashion industry has been remarkably transformed into an electronic gateway whereby we surf, select, change colors, sizes, find smart suggestions, save a whole new wardrobe and then, yes, it’s all yours! Shopping was made easier with the invention of Credit Cards; now it’s even better. Your coffee mug by your side, in the comfort of your pj, in front of the TV and there you go!

No traffic hassle, no queue, no cashier…no continent is too far anymore. It’s all based on your knowledge of your closet, your good imagination, a good pair of eyes – perhaps even glasses – internet card and wifi. It’s fast and simple, precise and most definitely fun. Switching colors, matching types, accessorizing outfits, it’s all so creative! Walking into shops is now as easy as having several google tabs open… really.

But throughout it all, are we missing something? Does the same logic of “read the paper, hardcopy, don’t open the net… there’s pleasure in holding a good old paper!” apply here? There is definitely the undeniable fun of walking around 5th avenue or the Champs Elysees with bags and eyes wide open looking up at the fascinating lights of every shop. There is definitely something that we’re missing by not feeling the happiness of running into people we know, or grabbing a cup of coffee on the go.

Yet, sitting in the living room on a hot summer afternoon, comfortably shopping at Michael Kors and Macy’s has a lot to it too. Opening the door to the courier with a box waiting for your signature, has a great part to it too.

No matter where, or how, the fashion industry has replicated itself, virtually, and is now speaking to all generations, to literally everyone everywhere. Today you either surf-in to build your closet or you walk-in; in both cases the experience is uplifting and satisfying. Indulge yourself & shop wisely!

One thought on “Surf-in Closet!

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