Words Have Colors!


I was asked about the most trendy lipstick colors for summer.
My answer was “attitude”. It’s a really great color, trust me!

There is always the perfect lipstick, the perfect makeup, the amazing look. But unfortunately, just like clothes, not everything is suitable for anyone. Copying makeup, embarking into the countless and sometimes senseless plastic surgeries to a have “look-like X” will mostly end up badly.

It’s not a uniform or a copy paste phenomena. Colors define you… so now, let’s go back to choosing colors. Red, pink, Rasberry, Dark Taupe, matte finish, glittery etc. They’re all very attractive – and the name that cosmetics companies are coming up with are even better! – but do they all really fit? The answer is a classic No. The beauty of wearing makeup is to personify it and dress it up according to your features. That’s no surprise right? We already have palettes for Brunettes, Blondes, Red headed etc. So why not apply the same concept to lipstick?

It’s definitely the trendiest of trends and the easiest for application. The key is to choose colors that make you confident and poised. Once you have the list of must-wear-lips, go ahead and flaunt it! Contour your lips with the same color, pen or a dash of colors with a thin brush, and then fill it up! Be elegantly classy and beautifully casual.

The colors for summer are red and pink! Corals too… but hey, who can beat red lips?
The colors for winter are taupe and “darkies” …
For every season its colors, just get the right attitude and you’re ready to go!

Your lipsticks can become your brand, choose them right!

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