The Art of Wine

Ever since we started reading romantic and historical books, wine and art have been the best of companions! Be it for its social etiquette, for the pleasure of holding a glass of wine, or for the simple chaotic taste of sweetness and tranquility, this combination works like magic and senses intertwine with ease.

The inspiration flows and the imagination kicks in. What paintings represent to each of us, is a secret at best. Our experiences, our thoughts, our dreams, they all collide to form one understanding of what a painting is. For some it represents hope, for others a life’s message but no matter what, the experience that we undertake with a painting is private if not alien to others.

Imagine this beautiful combination, not only with wine, but with the most vanguard winery, enclosing all of the traditions and secrets of wine-making while being equipped with a state-of-the-art facility and a breathtaking venue. IXSIR, in collaboration with Pidraya, have truly revived this nostalgia and enchanting recreation of wine and art. Showcasing painters dubbed as street-smart graffitis to mythologically inspiring ones, the IXSIR winery is today home for their masterpieces.

Explore contemporary, traditional and captivating art through a wine-walking experience. Let the faces speak to you and let wine drag you into their stories.

Take a walk through beautiful IXSIR, selected by CNN as one of the Greenest buildings in the world, learn more about wine-making, visit a winery like no other and get drawn by paintings’ stories. For each work of art its message, for each of us, an interpretation. Glaze through barrels, taste the incredible wine and discover thou art.

You’ll be surprised how well you could discover yourself too.

Under the High patronage of the minister of culture H.E Mr. Raymond Araygi. IXSIR Winery and Pidraya present : Laudi Abilama, Yazan Halwani, Leila Kubba Kawash, Bassam Kyrillos. Curated by: Iris Kritikou Concept by Patricia Bitar Cherfan. Artworks showcased till September 28, 2014. Bacchanalia a mythological festival in honor of Bacchus the God of Wine. A feast for all senses…For more info you can e-mail or call +961 4 522221.









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