Fashion Has a Cause



Fashion weeks are beginning! It’s the month of literally every fashion blogger and lover’s dream! Can you imagine? The biggest names in fashion, from old-time legends to newborn stars all meeting at endless carpets and lavishing venues to flaunt what they do best: dress men and women with an iconic aim of freezing that instant forever.

There is so much beauty and positivity in freezing moments. You remember them forever, and what’s better, is that you remember how good they make you feel. That’s real fashion. The inspiring and energetic confidence that it brings along, the “I can conquer the world” feeling that you get when you’re comfortable or convinced of what you’re wearing. It doesn’t need to be expensive or coming out of a limited edition brand, it just needs to be “you”, as close as possible to what you want to be.

Clothes do not make you, or build you up but they certainly compliment an aspect of you. It definitely starts with the personality and attitude, but it also includes looking good, feeling good and bringing along, even for a while, a breath of fresh air; that’s the instant that lives forever. Feeling good is everyone’s aim… being confident is everyone’s dream… what if these basics are not granted for everyone? What would you do?

This is one of the instants that today, fashion wants to freeze. Yes, it’s not only jewelry, brands and shoes, it’s a power that walks confidently and knows the impact it has on society. Today, fashion chooses a cause, so dear, so pure and so noble. In collaboration with the Children Cancer Center for Lebanon (CCCL) fashion is opening its catwalks and artistic sceneries to raise awareness. Turning the venue into a spectacular gathering filled with people looking to make a difference, the evening was a ravishing cocktail webbing a network of fashion lovers together, inspiring them to help, in any possible way, children with cancer whose purity and innocence shines far brighter than anything else.

Fashion, in all its forms, enters every home. Be it through TVs, magazines, billboards, ads etc… we’re all in touch with fashion – from the most cynical and critical, to the most popular and socialites. But today, irrespective of the background we’re coming from, we have fashion in common, this time entering our hearts.

Be an inspiration to others, carry in your fashionable purse the motivation to make a difference. Live with the utmost positivity that you can have, let it radiate, count your blessings and send a few to others. When you can, helping out, doing good, is rewarding, even if only by spreading smiles and opening your heart.

Some kids need a helping hand, others a smile, others a warm support that will make them go through their therapy and life’s biggest challenge. The smallest deed, no matter how small, has an impact. Be fashionable, give from your heart and use fashion to channel your passion for a noble cause. Today is a good start!

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