Social Fashion

I’ve had the worst writers’ block a while back. My inspiration is usually found in the simplest of things… under any shape or form. Social media, of course, has made inspiration even simpler. A writer’s eyes skim things differently based on interest and passion. Everything is seen under a unique limelight, and everything is prone to become a muse.

I recently read an article about Pinterest and how inspiring people find it. I completely agree… you see, when writing is essential to you, everything around becomes “a story”, every picture can unleash creativity and quotes? Well those are a completely different story.

My blogging experience started early on, very slowly. My only interest was to share with the world – no matter its percentage – my passion, some of my writings, and a lot of ideas. It’s started as life coaching to transform itself into a “PinWord” type of blog where thoughts of any nature could be published. Here came fashion waltzing in.

Scoial mediaSocial Media doesn’t only make creativity available at the click of a button, but it also makes everything looks attractive, easy and so much more accessible. I could travel to Brazil, Argentina, New York and still make it to work at 8 am the next day! Incredible… But what’s more fascinating is the transformation that Fashion went through via social media. What was once crowned in the palace of Versace and Rue Cambon and only flaunted in Vanity Fair and Vogue, is today the business of millions!

Fashion is no longer selected by a few; it is now designed by a few, but it’s actually worn by many. Today’s it’s more about personality and attitude shouted through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+. It’s the bloggers strolling around New York City for Fashion Week who make the headlines spin, who make sales go up and who definitely make shopping more targeted and enviable.

Why bloggers? They’re accessible. They represent the dream that anyone, from the comfort of their home can wear high-end fashion, affordable fashion, mix them up together and make it to the #photooftheday and #nyfw!

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