#Picture Now, #Blog Later

It’s fashion week and the bonanza of pictures and catwalks is just unbelievably captivating! It’s definitely something to be looking forward to, a good reason to refresh the instagram feed every few minutes and check Facebook updates. But hey… is this what everyone is actually doing?

The idea of writing about fashion is not to simply reflect every single second that goes by, staying hooked on instagram and twitter, checking into places and tagging people. Blogging helps readers dive into a world that’s not really far from their reach, but that’s new. Magical would sound too cheesy, but the world that people read about portrays beauty and a life that is enviable to some, and deep to others.

The main concern is for the reader to be able to identify himself there, to actually live through the words and pictures. Yet blogging today has taken a different toll, the countless numbers of pictures per day, the number of “check-ins” and “feeling excited with X” make you wonder if the blogger is actually enjoying their time? Or is all this just camera talk and street business? Of course – this is too general, there are exceptions.

But this is in life, as much as it is for blogging (and yes, I do take my own advice) If you spend so much time taking pictures, hashtagging and checking-in, then how could you really absorb all the action and magic happening around you? How could the words be accurately descriptive of everything your readers are waiting to hear about? Fashion magazine are an inspiration to a lot of us, bringing into every picture an ideal that we all seek. We surely expect their social media team to be the paparazzi versions of every show, with pictures, funny comments and #unique #hashtags.

What about bloggers and social media addicts? Word bloggers can be better known as radars… Scanning and taking mental notes about everything around them. It’s the reactions and feelings that people are interested in, the personal experiences and thoughts. Blogging was for me “capturing” the moment with a picture and sharing right away! But then I decided to take pictures now and blog about it later. All I need to do is capture the instant and remember it. As for the social media addicts, share everything, there is no harm in that, but try focusing on your moments and later at night, selectively let the world know about it. A day all wrapped up looks so much better!

A #picturenow can create such an amazing #bloglater !
Take it all in, enjoy your moments!

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