Some Inspiration for Fall

It’s obvious that by now you all realize that my story with Zara is set. It’s one of those brands that you can easily wear, literally, for every occasion. Comfortable, affordable and mostly trendy, they do hold a special place in my weekly visiting schedule. Of course, the love and admiration for other brands is there, but for now, it’s about Zara and their group.

Your wardrobe is never boring and more recently it has become actually daring. The mix in colors and prints has slowly upgraded Zara from its regular suit cuts, introducing a more vibrant and fashionable look. Shoes, bags, hair accessories and jewelry… a renewal twice a week, a new look everyday!

It comes as no surprise that their LookBook for September 2014 was a must-look. Inspiring a cold winter with a cup of hot coco, sweaters have gone oversize, prints have wild and crazy matching, the normal option. The bold gitane and the classy burgundy seem to be in perfect harmony.

Classy look, elegant cuts and nude colors are still the only way to go for a safe and poised entrance. A clean cut white 3/4 dress with a chocolate beige coat… how better could this be? OR the bold statement pencil skirt with a one-colored top? Accessorize it all with jewelry, shoes and a purse and hit the streets in style!

The truth is, although the Lookbook looks all like the right reasons to be comfortable, it also gives you all the right incentives to be bold. Fashion is an attitude, wear it with confidence!

Take a look and let’s get your wardrobe ready for fall!

Here are a few of my favorites! Must-look, must-have! (picture from 







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