Shoes Are Made for Walking

Heels or flats? Heels for every occasion! You’re never dressed too well or too much…
There is a sort of magic that comes with every pair of shoes, a flow of confidence and that “je ne sais quoi”! The French got it so right.

Besides the regular fashion choice which we’ll get to in a minute, shoes are technically better for you. (Of course we’re not talking about the crazy high heels, but we’re mainly focusing on the 13 cm height) Your posture, your entrance, your seating all become very – straight. It’s historically proven, walking in heels is a good exercise to promote your feminine side. When putting on a pair of shoes, your back and your neck directly straighten up making your movement so… poised. With time, this effortless straight posture becomes your brand and a source of self-confidence.

A walk of elegance, as if all your surrounding doesn’t matter, as if you’re always walking under the lime light. Wouldn’t it feel great to turn every street into a Hollywood Boulevard lunch date?

There is too, the natural fashion choice to go for heels whenever looking to dress to impress. It’s a fact, shoes make everything look better put together. Shoes however, are today an iconic accessory. A one colored dress-code with printed shoes to match your clutch’s color. Or a stand-out-color-shoe to match your printed clutch.

The main target is to keep it classy while playing with the colors. What applies to lipsticks and makeup (click here) applies to shoes too! They’re vital for business women, fashionistas and everyone who wants to look good while feeling good. Brands have a special in everyone’s heart, but affordable fashion is becoming the main icon for a fashionably trendy and fierce woman. As always, it’s how you wear it…

You know how women are pictured in movies to be running around, busy, self-confident, CEOs, glamorous, classy and strikingly fierce? It’s not a rule, but heels play a part!

Flats have their time and they can be SO comfortable and fashionable, but today je vois la vie en shoes!

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