Offices with Personality

Among all the mesmerizing pictures of catwalks, runways and attendees, other pictures fill my webpages. I’ve recently started nurturing a passion for interior decoration. Going with descriptions like classy, white, open and personal, I am literally redecorating our house!

Starting from the bedroom all the way to the office – yes my office is as important as the kitchen is for some. I definitely don’t want to go into the classical wooden-huge-table with a regular desktop and much of grey and corporate blue. My office needs to be, me. That’s where all the magical blogging happens and that’s where we mostly communicate.

Description? Complete walls of white… Colored pens, inspiring booklet, artistic notepad, a touch of greenery in a greyish vase, my mac and everything else you can imagine around the pages.

In case you are redecorating, or simply looking to renew a small corner of the house, to literally call your own, here are some pictures that might help you along. The key for a good office is, light. Of course how you decorate it will say a lot about your personality, your traits and habits. But light is an essential element for you, it’s not only about you.

Whether you believe in positive energy or not, light does play a role like no other. Although the Vitamine D soaks into your pores, this kind of light is the kind that brightens the mind, colores ideas and brings along positive energy!

Before you dive into a visual redecoration mode, there is one more thing that you need to keep in mind, and handy: a booknote… the best inspiration is handwritten, and it’s actually the most sincere. Start on a piece of paper and take it from there, there are no boundaries to inspiration, always be ready to grasp it!

There’s an office for each personality. But always enrich it; even if it only means to add a vase. You’ll be surprised how much your office will reflect you! The way you add to your personality, you will amend the decoration…office, kitchen, room, or living room, as long as it’s yours! Dive in!



Yes this is a possibly ultra-modern office. Urban and high up there.
Can you imagine what kind of inspiration this would give you?


Although some of us have this concept of “oh no, please no wood. We want modern!”
But it’s actually very artistic to make out of wood such a modern and groundbreaking essential piece in your office.
Make it yours and personal, you’ll love it!


Here we get to perhaps what some of you might judge as a “regular office”.
It’s true, nothing crazy here, but the small touch of glass on the table, the chimery reflection of light, with a one-colored repetition in elements… those make all the difference!


The ultimate white-spacious-so-much-light-office.
A personal desk with a meeting table and such a big window? Yes on all counts!


Feel home at all times…
It’s the right office to any personality, not edgy, or crazy but responsible and organized.
Traits that are good to always have!


Gold is a royal color.
Treat yourself as such, at all times… Once you feel like royalty, you can conquer it all!


I know that most of you are aiming for the very modern, or very classic look. But what if we redecorate our office, the way we treat our personality? Modern with some values and principles that we carry along from the past?
Go all new with accessories and colors and keep the structure of the table and chair a la vintage!
So unique!


See-through tops and shirts are not particularly the classiest, although some can be.
BUT transparent offices? Definitely a great choice!
It’s like seeing through words, getting inspiration from between the lines…

Yes to transparency, on all levels, in every relationship… even with your office!


You can’t get more light than this.
Dark floor, all white furniture, a grey couch to break the mass and lovely greenery and purple.
See the contemporary work of art and the vase?

It’s the small things that make a big difference.
The happier your work-place, the happier you are, the better the result!


You work-place should reflect you. You want to go simple?
There’s beauty in simplicity that comes with an enchanting relaxing feeling.
Go crazy with one element, and keep your feet on the ground!

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