When Walking Around Italy

I was watching a movie yesterday night… brought back so many priceless childhood memories. Most of which, home. I was lucky to have parents who loved to travel, who believed, and still do, that there so much to learn in the streets, shops, and small talks of a country’s people. I was raised to see my mind as a cultural hub… a sponge to be constantly amassed with the beauty of differences and the experiences of history.

Milano was my home. I’ve walked its streets so many countless of times, lived its train system and paraded in Duomo and its every piazza. Venice was our weekend gateway, a beautiful city where every street is an island and every corner a mesmerizing treasure. Rome? Ah well, that is an open air history book. Walking around its monuments, its churches, its bridges… it’s like literally taking a step back in time and diving into a museum. A breathtaking scenery wherever you look and fascinating stories throughout it all.

This piece was meant to be about a few must-do, must-see venues in Milano, instead, it’s turning out to be an all-encompassing review of three of my favorite places in the world. To be honest, there is no list of things that you must do, you really have to visit it for yourself. Milano is all about trains and urban lifestyle. A busy city with busy people. Venice is serene, peaceful… very much like a lady sitting for her portrait. Every picture there is a postcard, and listening to Venice’s life and history from a Venetian beats all expectations. Rome, you need to visit by foot. Forget about metro or cabs, you need to experience it by sight and marvel at the incredible landscape. However you turn there is a stone with a story, heroes, emperors, empire; they have all left their traces there. Their statues speak Italian making history petrified in every corner. One must-do, though, as soon as you land in Italy. Forget about calories. Don’t eat a plain salad and avoid the delicacies of Italian cuisine and mouthwatering Gelato.

Take it all in, everything. The heart of the fashion world, home to Versace, Moschino, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Bvlagri and so many others. A musical language with a permanent residence to culinary gods, every taste is an explosion of aromas and spices … The distinguished murals, the classy faith around its walls, Vatican city & Piazza San Pietro, its bars & espressos, its tasty croissant and narrow corridors…

It’s Italy at its best, it’s Italy as it always is.
A love story that never fades.

A presto bella Italia.


Milan @ the Heart (10)



















Milan @ the Heart (4)








Milan @ the Heart (30)

Milan @ the Heart (13)



Milan @ the Heart (3)


Some pictures are taken from the internet, most are personal.


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