This is How We Vegas

The drive to the city was an unbeatable a-la-americaine hot-red convertible… 5-hours of endless horizons and hot sun. But once we walked into Vegas through this endless strip, the lights were mesmerizing. It constantly feels like a non-stop party is taking place in your backyard!

Arrival to Aria was not without excitement either! The check-in was great, only because anticipation is the best pre-arrival step. But now we understand the fascination with Vegas, it’s plainly, out of this world. There is no notion of time or space… it’s all connected, all running all the time. Rockety mountains on the horizon, an amazing room overlooking the city and every possible advertising billboard on the street.

Walking the streets is a must, especially if we want to take it all in and make sure to understand it. People from every possible nationality rush to see sin-city. Every US city has a characteristic, and you can definitely relate to each one, in a way or another. But Vegas, it’s really not about you. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone, out of your system and living without boundaries.

We often think that by traveling, when in a bad spot, we tend to move away from our personal issues. That’s not the case. Traveling teaches you to see things better, to clarify your perspective. But whether in a bad or good station in your life, traveling is always a good idea! You connect, like in LA, Prague, or anywhere else, with a part of the city that enriches you.

But Vegas? You don’t connect… you open up.
On this happy note, Welcome to Vegas!






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